Privacy Policy

Reading the following information will help you to understand how IndiaHelpWanted.Com use your information. We are happy to answer any questions about our privacy policy; simply send us an email and we will get back to you.

Users of the IndiaHelpWanted.Com website acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to all elements within this policy and our company terms of use. If you are unable to agree to either the privacy policy or the terms of use, do not use this website and close your browser window immediately.

We Reserve the Right to Make Changes to the Privacy Policy

IndiaHelpWanted.Com retains the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time. We will post the amended privacy policy in easy to access locations on the site such as here, on the privacy policy page, on the home page or other places. We want you to be aware of how we use, protect and distribute your information.

Since we reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, we encourage you to read this policy regularly.

Use of Information

IndiaHelpWanted.Com uses two different types of information to best serve you. These two types of information are personal information, or information that specifically identifies a particular user and non-personal information, which is more general and usually includes demographic or other information not specially tied to one user.

Personal Information: Personal information is considered by IndiaHelpWanted.Com to be information that specifically identifies as specific user of our site. As you use our site, there will be many opportunities for you to input specific information about your identity into our site. This information could include items such as: name, age, address, email address, birth date and more. There will also be times when we may require your credit card and other financial information. Providing this information is voluntary. In some cases refusal to provide information will make us unable to provide certain products, services or website features. We understand your concerns regarding personal information and encourage you to contact us if further clarification is desired. Contact our company to have your name and email address removed from our mailing lists.

Personal Information of Others: Users that refer friends from IndiaHelpWanted may be required to provide information about their friend such as their name or email address.

IndiaHelpWanted.Com has the right to store any personal information that they obtain through their website. We may also use Personal Information for troubleshooting, disputes, administrative tasks, contact you, in a legal setting to enforce agreements such as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, comply with applicable state, federal and international laws, and cooperate with law enforcement activities.

Non-Personal Information: IndiaHelpWanted.Com will also gather non-personal information. This information includes but is not limited to URLs used to access or link to our site, URLs visited after the site, your browser preferences and your specific IP address. We also reserve the right to use any demographic and statistical information. This information may be collected by us, other retailers associated with this site, advertisers and more. We may use cookies or any other electronic tools desired to obtain this information. We will further discuss the electronic monitoring tools that we use in Sections 4 and 8 of this policy.

Reuse, Sale or Sharing of Personal Information

IndiaHelpWanted.Com is committed to protecting your personal information. This means that we will not share, sell, rent or disclose your information except in the following circumstances:

With Merchants and Retailers: We aim to provide you with the best products and services. We are better able to do this when we occasionally provide your information to our retailers to allow them to prepare for redemption of vouchers sold on our site. In some cases this may mean that a retailer will have the ability to contact you directly using the contact information that you provided. We inform all retailers with whom we share information, that information is only to be used for the specific purpose of facilitating your purchase of the Vouchers. We are unable to control their specific actions or uses of your information after it is released to them.

With Third-Party Service Providers: At times we may use third-party providers to send out emails, administrative and promotional material. Your information may be provided to these third-party providers reasons such as: order fulfillment, mail or email sending, contest administration, removal or compiling of customer information, data analysis, payment processing, customer service, IT functions and more. We do need to share your information with some providers to make it possible to provide services. For example without sharing your information with our credit card processing company, we would be unable to process credit cards and without providing your information to retailers, you would be unable to receive or redeem special offers. For specific information regarding the privacy policies of third party providers, contact them directly. We are only responsible for our use of your information.

Remarketing Efforts: Our site may use remarketing to best connect with our various users. We may hire third-party providers to assist us in this process. To opt out of cookies from one of our third party providers, Google, visit their website’s opt out page at Google has assured us that any information they obtain during this process will be used solely for remarketing.

Sale or Transfer of the Business: We may sell, transfer, merge or be acquired by another company. If this should happen, personal information may be shared or transferred to this other company. The most current version of the privacy policy will remain in force at the time of the transfer.

Legal and Other Reasons: IndiaHelpWanted.Com reserves the right to disclose your personal information as required by law. We also reserve the right to disclose information when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our company, our clients, our legal standing or our agreements. We may use your information in court or judicial proceedings without your permission.

Use of Non-Personal Information

We may share your non-personal information, including demographic information, with others according to the policies outlined below:

Our site may feature advertisements from third party providers. We may provide these providers with non-specific information to help them tailor their ads to your needs and interests. For specific information regarding the advertisers that we may use, feel free to contact us directly.

Our company may also use your non-personal information to compile statistical reports regarding website usage, traffic and volume. We can use this information to better tailor our site to the needs of our users. We own all the non-personal information obtained by our site and can use it in any manner that we desire.

Updates and/or Corrections to Personal Information

We want our information to be as current and up to date as possible. As such we may edit and access this information at our discretion. You can update your information yourself using our site or simply contact us and inform us of the changes that you desire.

Please keep your personal information as up to date as possible. If at any time you need to change or delete your information from our directories, feel free to contact us. While we can remove your specific personal information, we will be unable to delete or remove your record of past transactions. We can close or cancel your account. Since we backup our information, complete removal of your personal information may be impossible.

You have the option to store credit card information on our site. This service is optional and your information is stored on a secure page. You can delete this information at any time by logging into your profile. If you need assistance with this, feel free to contact us directly.

Your Options

Providing personal information is not a requirement for using our site although it may be required for your participation in certain activities on the site to post Job and apply for the Jobs.

We will regularly send you administrative and promotional emails as a condition for your being able to use our website. Administrative emails are a mandatory part of using our site as it allows us to keep in contact with you regarding your use of the site and your account. If you do not want to continue obtaining promotional emails, you can choose to refrain from receiving these. Simply contact us or click on the link to unsubscribe found at the bottom of these emails. We will be happy to help you if you need any help removing your email address from our promotional list.

Information Security

We make protecting your information a top priority by using various precautions to keep your information safe. We only allow access to your personal information on secure pages on our site which can only be accessed using a password. We encrypt passwords to protect them and also encourage our users to keep their passwords private. Do not share your password with anyone for any reason. Your personal information is stored on secure servers that are only accessed by select employees as needed for the completion of their job duties. We encrypt personal information such as credit card numbers before transmission to our site to ensure a secure transit.

While we take security seriously, it is impossible to offer complete security on the internet. We are not responsible for any information used incorrectly by third-parties or obtained by others through the use of our website.

Cookies and Other Data Tracking Tools

Cookies allow us to provide you with a customized experience each time you visit our site. We will store cookies on your computer to facilitate this process. A cookie is basically a small file stored on your computer that contains specific information about you. When you visit our website, the stored cookies let us know who you are and allow us to customize your experience. This saves you time and provides a more enjoyable website experience. Cookies also let us collect non-personal information from you like pages you have visited and links that you have selected. This also allows us to custom tailor advertising. Third party advertisers may also place cookies on your computer. Our policy in regards to cookies only covers our own actions and not those initiated by third-party providers. If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, your browser may have settings available to restrict cookies. Be aware that failure to allow cookies may cause the website to not function properly. We cannot guarantee that restricting cookies will not interfere with the overall usability of our site.

We reserve the right to use other common tracking devices such as pixel tags or web beacons. Third-party providers may also use these tools on our behalf without any other warning. We also allow retail partners to use these technologies as well as other technologies as they become available. These are primarily used to let us know if an action has been completed. For example, we may include these in an email so that we can be informed when the email is opened and if certain actions are performed. These will only be used to collect non-personal information which will be used in accordance to our privacy policies.

Third Party Websites

We can only be responsible for our own actions. Through using our site you may come in contact with other companies, websites and retailers. These companies have their own policies, terms of use and privacy practices. We have no control over these companies. As you use our site to link to other sites, we encourage you to carefully review policies from these sites. We are not responsible for the policies or actions of other companies.

Other Issues

IndiaHelpWanted.Com is a site provided to help you get great Jobs as a Job Seeker or Post Jobs as an Employer or Contractor/Consulting company on the internet. Our site and its products and services are only available to those age 18 or older. If you are not age 18 or older, you cannot use our site. Our company will not knowingly obtain information from minors or knowingly sell products to minors.

Any information that you post to public areas, such as discussion boards, public forums or blogs, can be seen or accessed by the public. This means that we cannot be responsible for emails you receive unsolicited if you post your email address in a public place on our site. We do not control who reads the public sections on our site and encourage you to be very careful in the information that you post.

Our site enables linking between our site and your Facebook Profile. To use these linking services you must have an active Facebook and IndiaHelpWanted.Com account. Using this service indicates agreement with both IndiaHelpWanted.Com terms of use and other policies as well as those in force by Facebook.

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